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Start your own Les Petits Zouzous sessions in your area

Are you looking for flexible, enjoyable work? Would you like to work with children and be your own boss? Then you could start a Les Petits Zouzous group in your area!

What’s different about Les Petits Zouzous?

Les Petits Zouzous sessions are designed for parents/carers and children to enjoy together. The singing is a-cappella (without a CD or backing track), which means the sessions are really interactive and spontaneous. It’s a great opportunity for families to discover some French songs, games and stories together. The emphasis is firmly on having fun, at the same time as providing a gentle introduction to learning French for children and their parents/carers.

Are you the right person for Les Petits Zouzous?

You need to be enthusiastic, warm and have an excellent French accent, be able to sing in tune and love working with children and their parents/carers. You will be driven, organised and good natured. As a franchisee, you will be running your own business based on a tried and tested format and will be provided with training, guidance and support from a qualified experienced teacher who has been running sessions since 2008.

Is the franchise for me?

As your own boss, you can work the hours you like and there are opportunities for gradual expansion. You can start small and grow, or just keep running a few sessions a week. You can invest in all the props or start with homemade ones. You are in charge!

The fees depend on how many classes you run, and they are kept to a minimum thanks to the selling of CDs (on which you make a profit as well).

What do I get in the pack?

You will get tried and tested session plans, electronic posters of the lyrics, three CDs, training videos, publicity material in an electronic form and administrative templates. You will also get an extensive manual with how to advertise and run a group.

You’ll be able to use Les Petits Zouzous as your trading name and benefit from online presence with the website, and national and international publicity through the music and the iPhone and iPad applications, which offer games for free.

How much does it cost?

Unlike many other franchise models, Les Petits Zouzous is designed to allow franchisees to make a profit even if they decide to work only one half day a week.

  • Franchise pre-pack: £15 It’s the first step towards becoming a franchisee. Includes a draft copy of the Franchise Agreement for you to read in your own time.
  • Training: £85 If you are happy with the agreement, then you can book training. It will include a practical task where you run part of a session with some families.
  • Yearly fee for first “set”: £300 ( a set is up to three consecutive classes run by the same person: Bébés, Petits, Grands in the same venue)
  • Term fee for subsequent set: £60, with a maximum of £500 per year, excluding website fees
  • Website monthly fee: £11. For this you will get your own page on the main website
  • Purchase of CDs at trade prices to sell in your classes – the profit is yours to keep
  • No royalties
  • Regular training provided

Les Petits Zouzous Advantages

Les Petits Zouzous’ CDs make it easy to run your classes – they help children and parents to learn the tunes and lyrics - and everyone joins in!
Your own page on Les Petits Zouzous’ website
Free Les Petits Zouzous’ App available on iPhone and iPad
Siblings come free - Les Petits Zouzous welcomes families by keeping sessions affordable

For more info or if you think this might be for you, please send a short video of you singing a French nursery rhyme to this address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Feel free to request the franchise pre-pack (£15) by clicking on this button, and you will receive it electronically within 7 days:


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