Nurseries and Preschools

What is Les Petits Zouzous?

Les Petits Zouzous is a French Nursery Rhyme and Story Time class for babies and young children. The sessions last 25 minutes during which children are taught traditional French Rhymes as well as a little vocabulary and simple instructions.

Why should my nursery/pre-school offer Les Petits Zouzous classes to the children?

Fancy a change from the wheels on the bus? Les Petits Zouzous is a music session, a dancing session, an interactive session and a language session all in one!
Parents and staff can listen to the CDs between sessions so they can share the fun with the children!

What happens in the sessions?

Children are taught easy French songs using repetition and games.
Tutors will use action songs for the children to learn in context.
Animal puppets and other props are used to keep children entertained and engaged.
We also use simple books in French.

Who delivers the sessions?

All sessions are delivered by a trained, CRB checked Les Petits Zouzous tutor.


"Jess has learnt the words to all the regular songs and knows them off by heart and she is only 2 and a half!" - Mum of Jess

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