Frequently asked questions:

I don't speak any French - is that a problem?

You don't have to speak any French at all when you come to the classes - new songs are taught by repetition, so you'll pick them up with your child, and there is a flipchart with the lyrics. If you start mid-term, you might feel a bit lost for your first session, but you'll be surprised how much you remember! And don't forget that lyrics an explanations are on the website.

I have two children - do I need to pay twice?

Petits Zouzous: You don't need to pay twice, as long as they come to the same class. The price for the term is for a whole family (siblings), so you can bring all your children! Don't hesitate to bring older ones on inset days, or even grand parents!

Grands Zouzous: Grands Zouzous is priced per child, which differs from the original arrangement of Petits Zouzous. In practice, and for classes to be of a manageable size, we have found that this is the only way to make Grands Zouzous viable.

I'm bringing a friend's child, or their cousin - do I need to pay twice?

As it is two different families, but attending with the same parent/carer, your friend will pay half price for their children. If it's a one-off, they don't need to pay.


Will my child be able to speak French after a few terms?

 The classes are designed for children to have fun in another language. They'll pick up a few words, the actions and the songs. Les Petits Zouzous classes won't take away the novelty of learning French at school later on, but they might remember some animal names (and noises!)

I have a baby and a preschooler/toddler; which class should I come to?

Most people choose to come to the older child's class and bring the sibling along, but feel free to discuss options with your tutor.

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